Car makers have already prepared new model cars so that they can run on gasoline, ethanol or a mixture. This means your car may already be ready for using ethanol. If not,simple conversion kits and modifications can be purchased to get around this.

Almost all of us have already used ethanol in our cars in the form of a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. At present, there is a push to increase the amount of ethanol to as high as 85% and only 15% gasoline. This fuel is known as E85. There is nothing magic about this mixture, it's just that legally, only up to E85 can be sold and used in cars in the United States. You are also allowed to use any mix that contains less than 85% ethanol, but E85 is what you will soon find at your gas station pumps.

Would you like to fill your gas tank with ethanol that you made yourself at home? If you are interested in keeping your fuel costs down, then this is the time to buy the book that will teach you how.

That book is Home Made Fuel, by Mary Fay.
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