Like me, you probably have visited the websites claiming you can make your own fuel for $1.00 a gallon. This may be possible for those of us who  live on a farms and are able to grow whatever is needed to make ethanol, but for most of us, after extensive research and repeated trials, $2.00 is the more realistic price.

At today's prices, even $2.00 a gallon looks good, and making your own fuel the way I describe in my book will allow you to do this. You will also learn about alternative methods of making ethanol that should be available for home use within the next few years that will drop home production costs dramatically. This means if you are making ethanol fuel, you should expect it to get cheaper, not go up in price. Wouldn't that be nice?

When I started writing my book Home Made Fuel, I set out to chronicle my experience making enough fuel for personal use, which in my case is roughly 20 gallons a week. I also wanted to make a fuel that would not hurt the environment or leave me at the mercy of anyone else raising prices.This turned out to be a realistic goal, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Nothing worth having is free, and making your own fuel will involve spending some time and effort. The good news is that my book outlines the best way to go about this and I assure you, it is doable and worth your while. There is nothing like the feeling of driving down the road knowing you made the fuel your car is using. 
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